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1 May 2011 No Comment

Originally posted by BEN MALBON

I was ruminating on David Armano’s new role at Edelman, as EVP, Global Innovation & Integration (details here). Armano describes his new role as ‘doing what keeps your business on the front line’. There’s been a rash of Chief Innovation Officer / Director of Innovation roles within agency groups and holding companies.


Indeed, I myself argued strongly for the (at the time) unusual title of Executive Director of Innovation at BBH, back in early 2010. But do we really need them? If so, why? And what do they see as their value to creative businesses?

I asked four of the most prominent and respected of this new mutation of communications professional to try and capture what their role is in a tweet-length summary. This is what they said.

Edward Boches (Chief Innovation Officer, Mullen)

Opening minds. Inspiring change. Creating unexpected connections. Dissecting cool stuff + re-applying. Sharing. Experimenting.


Saneel Radia (Head of Innovation, BBH New York)

Help BBH NY do what we aren’t currently doing but want to. Criteria: make clients & talent happy, be credible.


Faris Yakob (Chief Innovation Officer, KBS&P)

Asking Why? And What If? Instead of How? + When? – Hopeful midwife to new *kinds* of ideas.


Rishadt Tobbacowla (Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer)

Help drive future competitive advantage. Seek fresh insightful connections.

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